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Are you a writer intending to publish, or working on your next project?

Do you need someone to vent to who just gets it?

Join the Chaos & Spice Writer's Circle!

Come join a discord community of like-minded individuals hosted by myself and romance author, marketing wizard, and close friend of mine, Ashley Kay (@ashleykayauthor) where you can be your wonderful, chaotic selves.


We've joined forces to bring you a safe-space where we can support & encourage you through your journey to dream things.

Ash & I are both active authors, and will be doing frequent Q & As about book marketing, social media strategies, and provide any other wisdoms we've picked up along the way in the self-publishing realm.


Not only will you learn from us, but from other authors in this community, and get to share your experiences through video calls, sprints and so much more!

Come on by and have a chat. We'd love to have you on board!

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